Aah, College Life... :)

My major is CHID, which is Comparative History of Ideas. I can describe in several ways: 1) I can take whatever classes I want and still graduate or 2) it prepares you for life: writing, reading and public speaking. Changing my major also opened up the opportunity for me to study abroad, and I studied in Ioannina, Greece the spring of my junior year.

I'm still totally interested in music, I just came to the conclusion that I want it to stay a hobby nothing more, although I would still love to play more film score if I ever get the chance. I feel music evokes and expresses emotion, and one of the best ways to convey feelings to other people is through music. Often in movies, adding the music will create the exact mood; without it, the movie is often horrible.

I didn't march in high school, but I do now and I absolutely love it. I will say it is kind of a cult, in that if you let it, it can take over your entire life, but it is fun and you meet mostly great people in it. Plus, we get 50-yardline seats and get to travel as well! I met some of my greatest friends in marching band, and it's great!

I really do love college overall. Yeah, everyone's had good and bad experiences, but overall, I love most of the people I've met here. I've really gotten a chance to connect with people even more than in college and I continue to discover my true personality and who I really am here. I know that sounds cheesy, but I love it anyways! I met best friends here and I absolutely love that we are so much alike, but in a way where it doesn't get annoying.

Clearly, music is a big part of my life. My best friend in junior high/high school was in band and that was our first connection to each other and partly what still keeps us somewhat connected. I think I will always be playing music in some way, and hope not to lose that talent/interest.

I was introduced to Camp Orkila this year, a camp I always wanted to go to when I was younger. As cheesy as it sounds, going there completely changed my life. My experiences in marching band helped me understand how passionate people are about this camp, and I plan on returning for at least several years to come. It reintroduced me to teaching and this is a career I am seriously pursuing.

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